Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #2
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A Kingmen Comic Series
Submitted By Batman29 on 12/07/26
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Tales of the Kingmen Episode #2: Destiny


     Our technology was rapidly growing, as well as our numbers.  There came a time when scientists decided that the Earth would soon be overpopulated, and they needed somewhere else where people could live.  Searching the Solar System for the most possible solution, it was decided Mars should become a second planet for Earthlings.  Scientists worked rapidly to make Mars livable, and they succeeded.  However, there was a concern that there was life on Mars, and the lifeforms might not be friendly, if there were any.  Only the bravest of people were sent to Mars.  They who were sent, went to the planet to search and make sure it was safe.  The planet has not yet been entirely explored, there are still regions we have not touched, and people seem to find more land every day.  Although many people were sent, and more still come, most people stayed behind on Earth.  Those who came to Mars were given a name, that would distinguish them from Earthling forever.  This story is about those people.  We are the Mars Explorers.
The Story:

     I woke up late in the morning, after all the other Explorers had already left.  I fed myself with some Cinnamon Toast Crunch that I got from my fully stocked pantry.
     Man!  These guys have done everything for me!  This is sweet!  I have my own house and everything! I thought to myself. 
     I decided to take a quick look around my cabin.  It was a nice little place.  When you walked through my house, there was a hallway that took you straight to a set of three other hallways, which together, met in a cross.  If you went left, it took you to a game/relaxation room, and a laundry room.  On your right, to a kitchen, and to a dining room.  Straight ahead would take you to a bedroom, and an office space where I was apparently supposed to record all of my journeys.  This was definetely an awesome place to be.
     I spent all morning messing around in my house, playing with all the new gadgets and other things that came with my cabin.  After I had eaten a filling lunch, I decided to take a look at the neighborhood I was living in.  I walked ouy my front door and headed out of my yard.  Everything about the entire neighborhood was perfectly symmetrical.  All of the yards were the exact same size square, and everything in them was the same.  I don't think anybody actually took care of their yards, but somebody/thing sure did.  There was only one street, one extremely long street.  My cabin seemed to be on one end of it.  I walked to the lot across the street from mine, and reserved it for my twin brother, who I was sure would join me when I told him about it.  There was a computer in every empty lot, and they were there in case you wanted to save the spot for someone.
     After I reserved my brother's lot, I walked down the street.  I looked at the cabin's I passed by.  There was a name on a sign on top of every doorway.  I looked at them as I passed by.  There were many names, way to many for me to keep track of in my mind.  As I went further down the street, some of the cabins had more than one floor.  There was a person named Ssemodnar, who had 5 floors.  Ender, across the street, also had 5 floors.  Further up, ACC_Mad had 7 floors, and someone named EmperorEctoshock had 7 also.  Aperover, Abister, etah, smek, and many others were also other names I saw.  Soon, the end of the street was in view.  Flyclub, Kruncher, Tigerstorm, and others were the last few cabins.  They all had 10 floors.  Then I came to the final cabin.  It was 50 floors tall, by far, the tallest cabin on the street.  The name over the door read AubreyFalconer.  I stopped by to see if he might be at his cabin, but he wasn't.  Oh, well.
     At the end of the street was a huge building, even bigger than Aubrey's cabin.  It looked like a council building, it just had 100 or so floors on it.  By far the biggest skyscraper I had ever seen.  I timidly approached the building and went inside.  Inside, there was a receptionist sitting at a super long desk.  I approached her slowly.
     When I was within five feet of the desk, she looked up. "How may I help you?" She asked me.
     "Um... Uh.... I...," I stuttered.
     "Oh, you must be new here.  Hi, I'm Destiny.  I am the teleportation director."
     "Teleportation?" I asked.
     "Yeah.  I send you to the region of land you will be exploring for the day.  Here, let me guide you to your garage," She said.  She stood up and led me to a nice elevator.
     "I have a garage?" I asked.
     "Yep, it's where you keep your Buggy, Jet, Tank, and Hovercraft stored," Destiny answered.
     We rode up to the 100th floor and stepped out.
     "Let's see if we can find your TPS."
     "I have teepees?" I asked.
     "Not the TPS you're thinking of.  I'm talking about your Teleportation Placement System.  We'll find it in a minute."
     We walked around a few hallways, until we came to one doorway that had a Batman29 nameplate on it.
     "Here we are," Destiny said. "This is your TPS."
     She opened the door and I peered into the room.  It was about the size of an average coat closet, just with lots of blinking, bright lights.
     "Go ahead, step inside."  As soon as I stepped into the room, the door was shut, and I could hear the door locked behind me.  I started to panic a little bit.  I spun around and tried to get out.
     "Hey!  Let me out!"  I shouted, fumbling with the doorknob.  I started to pound on the door.
     "Mwhahahahahaha!" Destiny cackled. "There is no escape from your true DESTINY!!!
     It was true.  I was trapped.
                              *End Episode Transmission*
     And so there you have it.  The second installment in my new Comic Book Series.  *Sigh...*  If only I could draw the pictures for it, and make it into a real comic book series.  Now that would be cool.  Superman won't though.  It's fine, maybe I'll find a way later.  Anyways, thanks for reading the second episode.  If you like the series, don't worry, I am working on a bunch more episodes.  I can't give any promised times for these to be out, but I will say that I will get them out as soon as I can.  Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, questions, or anything(besides trolling) you want to.  Thank you!
               Your Royal Leader and Loyal Hero,

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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #2
7 hours - 536v
Posted 2012/07/27 - 20:53 GMT
This wasn't what I was expecting. I thought Zakusky was gonna train with Loki49 at the beach or something. Weren't you still at the beach?
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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #2
1 day - 4,868v
Posted 2012/07/27 - 21:20 GMT
Well, I don't explain this in the stories, but the island is giant.  The beach goes along for miles.  In perspective to the land in the worlds we play in, I'd say in this story, people are about a millimeter tall.  Makes space for much more land and much more AWESOME!!!
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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #2
2 days - 11,579v
Posted 2012/07/28 - 19:46 GMT
Wow. Nice story, Bat! If I could be a resident, I would totally live there instead of Earth! :P 
Can I be in the your story Bat? :)
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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #2
1 day - 4,868v
Posted 2012/07/28 - 23:19 GMT
If I know you, you're in the story. That stands for EVERYBODY!  Although, you will have had to have done something other than played a game with me
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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #2
2 days - 11,579v
Posted 2012/07/30 - 5:10 GMT
At me? I helped make this site :P hmm.. anything else? :)
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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #2
23 hours - 2,956v
Posted 2012/07/30 - 14:15 GMT
I would be an awesome antagonist, Yes?

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