The Dark Knight Rises
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The Official Mars Story of Batman29
Submitted By Batman29 on 12/07/18
THE KINGMEN, Batman29, Kingmen 

Hello Everybody!!!
I am feeling kind of bored today, so I have decided that I am going to tell you how I came to be on Mars.  After I catch up to the present, this will probably become my Mars Journal, or something like that, so hold onto your mouse, because this will probably be an EXTREMELY long post.  Anyways, I am going to start from the beginning and give you the best detailed version of my Mars life that I can.
Sometime in Beginning February 2012:
I was bored one day with my Macbook that has nearly no games.  I decided to look for widgets to put onto my Mac, car-driving widgets.  I came up with four car-driving widgets that I immediatly downloaded and tried out.  The first two that I tried: One failed miserably, another barely worked, another had horrible lag, and another worked perfectly.  I deleted the two worst games and was left with two car driving games.  One of them was called Mars Explorer, a game I didn't like, because it had really bad lag, and the other was called Stuntmania, which was an awesome game where you drove around and did stunts, earned powerups, etc.  For some strange reason, I decided to keep the Mars Explorer game for later use in case of extreme boredom.
Sometime in Mid-End February 2012:
After only a few weeks of Stuntmania, the widget became boring, with only one level and car.  Grudgingly, I decided to try the Mars Explorer game again.  I went into the game under the name Churro, and on the first game I went to I listened to the Settings Advisor and turned down the game quality and BAM, the game was fun!  In my first game, I was with two others in a cliff diving custom world.  Somehow, the other two players could deploy wings out of their buggies!  I asked them repeatedly how they were flying like that, but they completely ignored me.  I disconnected from that game and went to a different one, where I met a nice guy willing to help me who was named Loki42.  Loki was nice enough to teach me how to fly, and I was super excited!  It was after that when I discovered the quarry.  I would try to shoot the quarry, but somehow, everyone but me could shoot in any direction they wanted.  I was lucky that Loki was there to tell me to press 1 and 7.  After that, I figured that I was well trained in the arts of Mars Explorer.
Sometime in Mid-March 2012:
After about three weeks of playing Mars Explorer on and off, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  One day, my uncle showed me some Youtube videos that were cartoons about how movies should have ended. (HISHE).  On all of the videos about superhero movies, the star of that movie always ends up talking to Superman and Batman in a café, and Batman always ends up saying: "I'm Batman".  Being inspired, I changed my name from Churro to Batman, preparing to enlighten the world with my being Batman.  Not realizing that I was being annoying, I went into my first game as Batman.  As soon as I was in the world I said: "I'm Batman".  In that game there happened to be a kid in there who is registered as Vegeta, who got really annoyed about it.  We got into an argument, where more than half of my answers were: "I'm Batman".  I ended up having to leave for dinner, but I was laughing to myself for a long time about how annoyed Vegeta had become simply over my saying I'm Batman.  I decided that I would try and become popular on Mars by saying that over and over and getting myself noticed.  In the next game I played, I didn't annoy anybody, but I did however learn how to snipe from a guy who helped me try and beat H2O.  (I don't know what his name was at first, but I do know that he changed it to Robin after a while)xD.
25th of March 2012:
This was the fateful day that I decided that I would register on.  I tried to register as Batman, but the name was already taken.  I wanted my name to be Batman though, so I decided I would try it again, but this time I would add my lucky number, 29, onto the end of it.  That became my registered name and I went out into the games to play, have fun, and annoy people.  And my plan did actually work.  My saying I'm Batman did get me noticed by many, although with some in not a very good way.  I have a couple stories I could tell you about what I have done as Batman29, so if you want to know them, let me know.
Sometime in April 2012:
This story is short, but it is the story of how I stopped being a n00b.  Up until that point, whenever I had gotten quarry, I would run away from the battle.  In one particualar world with Watch Out For Them Wild Forks Ssemodnar, I questioned why I was doing that n00by thing.  I hadn't known I was doing anything wrong, but Ssemodnar was nice enough to not get mad and just told me how the game was supposed to be played.  Since then, I haven't ran from battle.
Sometime toward the End of April/Beginning of May 2012:
During this period of time, I ended up in a lot of games with kruncher and ACC_Mad.  The two of them would "Talk behind my back" where I could clearly see it.  For some strange reason, the two of them thought that I was Andrew, the guy who is banned from this game, which I am not.  I don't know if they were teasing me or anything, but they wouldn't let it go, and I got really annoyed, as did kruncher get annoyed at me.  (I'm not sure what happened, but they don't bug me about it anymore.  Probably because they realized I am not Andrew, I'm Batman :D).
Sometime towards the Middle of May 2012:
I had never even known that there was a Mars website, but one time, I accidentally clicked on something on the widget that took me to the Mars Explorer website.  I looked around on it, and realized that there was a whole different side of Mars, like the darkside of the moon, nobody can see it til their on it.  I went through a couple of posts, finding creative ways to put myself into a good position to say I'm Batman.  However, this really annoyed somebody, a guy name Pyro_Bob.  Bob came into a game I was in and started chewing me out.  Emperor Ectoshock was the host of the game, and he tried to keep peace between us, but couldn't handle the argument, so he evicted me, Bob being a good friend of his.  Before I was evicted, Bob let me know that he and Ecto were both leaders of clubs and I would never even be able to think of joining them.  This infuriated me to a point beyond all other, and with some quick thinking, (5 or so seconds), I decided I would tell them I would be making my own club, a "Man" club, inspired from Bat"man".  I charged back into their game and told them that I would be starting a Man club and they wouldn't be able to join because they were all a bunch of sissies.  To make a long story short, I was evicted again.
Sometime in the Beginning/Middle of June:
The argument that I had had back in May was long forgotten.  Pyro Bob still hated me, but I had plenty of enemies/rivals.  Vegeta, Bob, uof, kruncher, etc.  I came up to Ecto one day and asked him if I could possibly join the ColorShocks.  He told me that he would let me, but only if I nearly never said I'm Batman.  I had a hard time at first, but I learned how to not say it.  I joined the ColorShocks, and could not wait to see what Pyro Bob would do.  I was hoping he would have a small tantrum and then it would blow over, but it was much worse than that.  In a game where me, Ecto, and Bob met, he did freak out.  Just not in the way I expected.  He immediatly demanded that Ecto kick me out of the club, and he pursued this notion for days, until finally, Ecto decided that he would have a vote within the ColorShocks, over whether or not I should be allowed to stay in the club.  I was furious, and didn't try to hide it.  Soon though, it ended, and I was still a ColorShock.
June 17-24 2012:
This period of time included the creation of The Kingmen.  It happened in the ColorShock HQ on one day, where me, Sv3n, Ecto, and others were playing.  I was still a little shaken from being nearly being kicked out of the ColorShocks, so I decided I would make my own club, to help me and fellow Martians.  I decided to use something I had meant as a joke/insult, the Man club.  I wanted it to be an awesome club, something like the ColorShocks, and yet it's own thing.  As I was going through cool names that my club could be called, I figured that I would be the King, the leader of the club.  This led to me calling it the Kingmen, a club intent on bravery, honor, knighthood, chivalry, etc.  I wanted for the people who joined my club to have to be knights, and serve me, their King, in all that is good and right.  I told my plans to Ecto, and Sv3n, who overheard the conversation, said he could make websites.  I asked him if he could make the Kingmen Website for me, and he said he would.  At first, the Kingmen site looked like a Child's playland, with bright colors and solid colors.  Over days of asking, the Kingmen site grew to what it is now.
July 18th 2012:
As of right now, things are going mostly well, although, CharlesHadouken seems to have become an enemy.  He wants our clubs to go to war.  I assure you, the Kingmen will not go to war.  Currently, it has nine members, myself and my brother included, and also a mystery person who would rather not be named.  Who is it?  Mwhahahahahahahaha
July 25th 2012:
Today is my 4th month anniversary since registering!!!!  I recruited a few more people for the Kingmen in the past couple of days.  I got Nathan123, MeteoLDragoX, CharlesHadouken(Now done with whatever was bothering him about me), and Vegeta.  Yes, the same Vegeta that I battled with at unity island.  Batman Vs. Vegeta, both in the Kingmen now. Ha!
August 6th 2012:
Today is a sad, dark day, people.  I seem to have made enemies with ACC_Mad.  I'm not sure what happened, but he seemed to be kind of ticked off at me for no reason.  I was playing in a game with Loki42, having a nice conversation and having a good dogfight.  Mad came into the game, and so I said hi to him, but he ignored me.  He asked Loki to join the TCC, then dfed with him, and the two of them completely ignored me!  I don't want to join the TCC, but I asked Mad why he didn't invite me, and when he FINALLY stopped ignoring me, he said that he wasn't going to let me into the club.  I didn't mind that, and I asked him what he wanted his Kingman name to be.  He said that he quit the club, because it was no good and wasn't doing Mars any good, and it wasn't popular.  Since when does the popularity of the club matter??  I asked him why I couldn't join his club, and he said it was because nobody respected me.  Let's just say I let that game with steam flying out of my ears.  Today, he sent me a PM in which he apologized of his behavior, and told me the reasons I couldn't join his club: Because I have no Dog Fighting Skills and because I am too immature.  I sent him one back, explaining the reasons I was upset:  How he insulted my club, pride, and how if he couldn't handle the jokes I make every once in a while, he had better grow up.  Then, I said I forgave him and asked him to join The Kingmen.  He sent me back a PM that I didn't see until after this conversation followed:
Mad: Batman
Me: What?
Mad: So I see your club has an honor code
Me: Indeed it does.
Mad: You realize that I am going to break every single one of those rules, and I'm going to do it while grinning!
Me: Haha... You're not serious???
Mad: Oh, I am.  I am not going to have fun.
Mad: I am not going to help or protect noobs that don't talk!  Ha!
Me: Dude... That's kinda selfish.
Me: Wow!  Haha!  I'm going to post this on the Mars forum.
Mad: Go ahead, I don't care!
     So, yeah... He called my bluff.  I am not a spammer.  But Mad has now been removed from the Kingmen, and will be unable to return at any time for any reason.  I can't believe he did that...  Anyways, I read the PM he sent me before that game:
"All of those are wrong and you know it"
I never knew that Mad was so selfish and rude, but there you go.  I thought he was my friend, I really did.  He was one of the first people to support this club, and now he rivals it.  Not sure what happened, but something seems to have taken over Mad.  He is truly now a MADMAN.
Your Royal Leader and Loyal Hero,
P.S.  Feel free to comment as long as you're not here to be rude, troll, etc.  Basically, if you don't have anything nice or helpful to comment, don't comment at all.

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Re: The Dark Knight Rises
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Posted 2012/07/23 - 20:17 GMT
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Re: The Dark Knight Rises
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Posted 2012/07/27 - 19:00 GMT
why *cough*?
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Re: The Dark Knight Rises
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Posted 2012/07/30 - 4:00 GMT
Probably cause he had an ich in his throat and he had to cough to ich it out.
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Re: The Dark Knight Rises
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Posted 2012/08/08 - 22:56 GMT
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Re: The Dark Knight Rises
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Posted 2012/08/08 - 22:58 GMT
i didn't know mad was such a hater...........................................we kingmen better watch out. We might fall into war with the TCCs which i hope never happens of course.
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Re: The Dark Knight Rises
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Posted 2012/08/09 - 3:28 GMT
No no no no!  Look, me and Mad are cool now.  I was still upset when I wrote that, and we were both kinda being jerks to each other.  Should I let him into the club, or not?
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TCC would win, by-the-way :3
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/12 - 16:22 GMT

SHEEEESH! Stop with the war talk!

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