Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #5
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A Kingmen Comic Series
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Tales of the Kingmen Episode #5: A Mischievous Teacher



     Our technology was rapidly growing, as well as our numbers.  There came a time when scientists decided that the Earth would soon be overpopulated, and they needed somewhere else where people could live.  Searching the Solar System for the most possible solution, it was decided Mars should become a second planet for Earthlings.  Scientists worked rapidly to make Mars livable, and they succeeded.  However, there was a concern that there was life on Mars, and the lifeforms might not be friendly, if there were any.  Only the bravest of people were sent to Mars.  They who were sent, went to the planet to search and make sure it was safe.  The planet has not yet been entirely explored, there are still regions we have not touched, and people seem to find more land every day.  Although many people were sent, and more still come, most people stayed behind on Earth.  Those who came to Mars were given a name, that would distinguish them from Earthling forever.  This story is about those people.  We are the Mars Explorers.


The Story:

     "No no no no!" Loki42 said calmly.  "There is no need for that, Batman.  You have passed this test."

     Test, what test? I thought to myself.

     "I just wanted to see how fast you could adapt, and you actually did it very well.  See, I have a strange interest in you.  I'm not sure why, but you somehow caught my eye.  Well, I think that you have a lot of potential, and that, my friend, is why I am going to train you today.  I'm not gonna teach you everything, but I will be teaching you some helpful basics that will help you become the best Mars Explorer you can be.  Are you ready?"

     "Um... Yeah, I guess."

     "Okay, good.  First of all, do you understand how to drive your buggy?"

     "Heck yes!" I exclaimed, proud of myself.

     "Cool.  Okay, second, do you understand all of the buggy's functions?" Loki42 asked.

     "Not sure what you mean by that, but even if I did, I'm pretty sure the answer would be no."

     "Alright, then we've got some work to do.  Let's see...  Obviously you found out how to shoot, so good for you, but I'm gonna teach you some of the many functions of your eyepiece, on your headset.  Your eyepiece controls the gun on your vehicles.  Your gun shoots out lazers to hit the Quarry, the person who is neon green.  The neon green helps you to be stronger, it speeds up your brain and helps you to explore more land, and gain a better reputation.  The better reputation you have, the higher up you become on the Mars popularity chain, plus, a little bonus, you get floors added onto your cabin.  It's somewhat complicated to think about, but pretty awesome at the same time.  Sure, the point of this Mars Explorers mission is to find new lands and stuff, but lately, the older, more experienced explorers beat up on the newer ones.  Reputation matters now, and you can earn it while doing your job."

      "Wow..." I said, trying to take in all that he was saying.

     "So, anyways, back to your eyepiece.  The first thing that you will want to do is activate the Explorer Badges.  With that, you will be able to see the badges, or names, of all explorers in your land region, wherever they may be.  Go ahead.  Say, Explorer Badges Activate," Loki42 said.

     "Explorer Badges Activate," I said.  My eyepiece flashed really quick, making me blink, and when I looked again, I saw a few names in the eyepiece.

     "You will have to figure out how to use this to your advantage on your own.  Now, say Gyride Activate," Loki42 told me.

     I repeated what he said.

     "What Gyride does, is allows you to turn your gun anywhere you want, to aim at the Quarry. You will also be able to see through all the parts of your car so that nothing gets in your way.  It makes it a lot easier, and once you get the hang of it, well, you’re a full time Mars Explorer.”

     “Sweet,” I said with a grin.

     “Up bup bup,” He said to me, “I’m not done yet.  There’s one more thing I’ll show you how to do.”

     “Ok, shoot,” I said to him.

     “You’re going to need a coin or something.  You got anything in that buggy of yours?”

     I looked around in my buggy, and saw a couple of spare coins, all the same size, that were glowing different colors.

     “Um… I found some coins, but they’re nothing like anything I’ve ever seen on Earth.”

     “Oh, those are the Mars Explorer currency.  They call them Max (Mars and Explorer) coins.  The Earth coins are to easy to lose, so they made these ones instead.  At dark, they glow beacons of light up, but only your Explorer logo, which you can choose later.  Anyways, the yellow ones are worth a penny, orange a nickel, blue a dime, red a quarter, and green a half dollar.  We do still use paper money here too.  You do get paid for the exploring, and your reputation, but that doesn’t matter.  The coins are what you’ll find useful for flying.  You’re gonna need a Red Max for this.”

     I looked down at the change I had.

     “Got it.”

     “Ok, here’s what you do.  See that big gaping hole between you and the passenger seat, below your stickshift?”

     “Yep,” I replied.

     “That’s what you put the Red Max into.  Don’t worry, you do get it back, but when it’s in place, your wings spread out and you can fly.  That’ll take some practice too, but over time you’ll get a knack for it.”

     “Thanks so much Loki,” I said gratefully.     

     “Hey, no problem.  Sorry about messing with you before.  I get sort of… eh… mischievous…  I guess.  Somewhat the reason why I chose  this nickname for myself.  I don’t want to reveal my identity to you yet, because I’m not sure how trustworthy you are.  But if you are on my good side later, I will.  I gotta go now, but you hang in there, eh?”

     “Yeah, sure thing.  Bye!”

     “See ya!”

     *Loki has returned to Home Base* A robotic voice said.

     I was super happy.  Nothing could bring me down.  I spent the rest of the day training myself in the arts of Mars Exploring.  I returned to my bed that night, and slept like a rock.

*End Episode Transmission*

And there you go.  That is the 5th episode.  Hope you enjoyed it.  If you did, be sure to comment, suggest, or ask anything.  If you read this and you liked it, put the comment: “LOKI!!!”  in.  Only once!  Just so I can know who is reading and enjoying my stories.  Thanks!  Next episode coming soon!

Your Royal Leader and Loyal Hero,


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LOKI!!! In it just once.
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I didnt read it lol

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