Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #3
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A Kingmen Comic Series
Submitted By Batman29 on 12/07/27
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Tales of the Kingmen Episode #3: Drive Your Buggy, Boy!



     Our technology was rapidly growing, as well as our numbers.  There came a time when scientists decided that the Earth would soon be overpopulated, and they needed somewhere else where people could live.  Searching the Solar System for the most possible solution, it was decided Mars should become a second planet for Earthlings.  Scientists worked rapidly to make Mars livable, and they succeeded.  However, there was a concern that there was life on Mars, and the lifeforms might not be friendly, if there were any.  Only the bravest of people were sent to Mars.  They who were sent, went to the planet to search and make sure it was safe.  The planet has not yet been entirely explored, there are still regions we have not touched, and people seem to find more land every day.  Although many people were sent, and more still come, most people stayed behind on Earth.  Those who came to Mars were given a name, that would distinguish them from Earthling forever.  This story is about those people.  We are the Mars Explorers.

The Story:


     I pounded furiously at the door with no hope.  I was trapped in a dinky little closet of a room.

     Don't know about you, but this is not the way I planned for it to end. I thought to myself.     

      Suddenly, I felt something zap my back and a strange tingling sensation flew over my body.  The next thing I knew, I was standing in a big airplane hangar that had a buggy, tank, jet, and hovercraft.  The buggy was a solid shiny black color, as were the jet, hovercraft, and tank. They all had dark blue stripes, the tank had yellow wheels, and the jet had yellow landing gear.  I looked at the vehicles in awe.  Suddenly, a voice came over an intercom.

     It was Destiny!  And she was laughing too!  Not cackling, but an actually cute little laugh.  I was confused.

     "Ha ha ha!  I'm sorry, Bats, I can't help it.  I do it to every new player," She giggled.

     "What?" I asked, feeling really confused, and annoyed at the same time.

     "I pretend that I am psycho, locking you in and cackling and all."

     "So you're actually helping me?"

     "Of course.  Man, I could see you through the camera in your TPS, and you should have seen your face!"  She cracked up again.

     "Okay, I get it," I said, starting to smile a little.  I am actually a little bit of a prankster myself, so I wasn't so annoyed anymore.

     "Anyways, I'm supposed to tell you how this is gonna work," She said over the intercom.  "I will be teleporting you to the region of land that you want to explore.  You will be teleported to that land's Orb.  You will be teleported directly under that land's orb, along with your buggy.  If you would like to use any of your vehicles, let me know, and I'll teleport it to you and take the buggy away.  You will need this though."

     Suddenly, Destiny appeared right beside me, making me jump.

     "You're gonna need your headset," She said, handing me the tech.  It was all black, with a microphone and earphones.  I put it on.  "This is how you will be able to talk to me while you are in the land.  You will also be able to talk to anybody else in the region of land.  I'm gonna send you to a world now, I'm sure you can figure out how to work your buggy."

     "Wait, no!" I cried. "I have no idea how anything here works!"

     "Sorry," Destiny replied, "but I think you're smart enough to figure it out.  Everybody does eventually."

     She disappeared all of a sudden.  There was a little bit of static in my headgear, and then I could hear her.

     "I'm sending you to the Mars Cliff region.  Have fun!"


     "Wait!  I'm not ready!  Don't send me to-"  I was cut off from finishing my sentence as I felt the zapping in my back and the tingling sensation.  I had to shut my eyes as they were suddenly bombarded by colors.

     When I reopened them, I was standing in a whole different place.  My buggy was right next to me, and I was underneath a giant blue orb.

     "Dadgummit!" I mumbled underneath my breath.  I climbed into my buggy, which fitted me perfectly.  The lights in the car went on as I shut the door.

     "Oh, boy," I muttered, as I stared at all the buttons in my buggy.  How was I ever going to figure this thing out?  First things first, I tried the ignition.  There was only one problem.  I had no keys!

     "What the heck am I supposed to do?" I cried out.

     It was then that I noticed a handprint, right next to my radio.  Yes, I did have radio.  It only played the songs I liked though, so it was more like an Ipod then anything.  Anyways, I put my hand on the handprint to see what it was.  My hand matched perfectly.  I heard a buzzing sound, and felt my hand vibrate a little, and then the engine roared to life.  It was a beautiful engine, tuned perfectly and everything.  I wasn't worried about driving the buggy at all.  My grandpa had taught me how to drive when I turned twelve, and had practiced with me ever since.  The buggy was a stickshift,(the type of car where you have to shift manually), and that was exactly what my grandpa had taught me to drive.

     So, I took a deep breath, pushed in the clutch, and shifted into first gear.  I was going to take it slow, all the exploring I was doing.  It was a beautiful land.  There was green grass, with sandy cliffs and a flowing river below.  There was a red dome-shaped building at the top of the hill, and I decided to drive over to that.  As I was driving there, two speeding buggies zoomed past me.

     "WOOHOO!!!" I could hear one of the drivers shout through the headgear.

     "Wanna do some more cliff diving, dude?" asked the other.

     "You know it, man," said the first.

     I shifted up a few gears, and sped up to catch up with them.

     "Hey guys," I said into my headset.

     "Which cliff should we dive on?" asked the second driver, completely ignoring me.

     "Doesn't matter to me," said the first.

     I followed them to the top of a high hill, but screeched to a halt as I watched in horror as the two drivers drove off the end of the cliff.  I couldn't resist going up to the edge of the cliff to watch what would happen.  To my amazement, right before they hit the water, wings shot out of their buggies, and they flew back up, completely unharmed.

     "Whoa, you guys, how did you do that?" I asked.

     "Let's go find an even bigger cliff!" the first driver said.

     "Yeah, let's go!" the second agreed.

     I followed them once again, as they crossed many treacherous bridges going from one cliff to another.

     "HELLO!!!  CAN YOU GUYS HEAR ME???  How do you fly in your buggies?" I shouted into the headset.

     The two drivers just ignored me.  "C'mon guys!  I know you can hear me.  ANSWER ME!!!"

     They started to speed up, so I shifted up into sixth gear and gunned it, putting the petal to the metal.  I glanced at the speedometer and saw we were going over 150 mph, and still speeding up.  Then, suddenly, the two drivers spread out their wings, and flew off another cliff, flying directly to another cliff, instead of using a bridge.  I stepped on my brakes as hard as possible, but I was going to fast.  I screamed in terror as I fell off of the cliff I was on.

     "DESTINY, CAN YOU HEAR ME???  PLEASE, GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed into my headset, as I plunged to my immenent doom.

*End Episode Transmission*

Hello Everybody!!! That's the third installment in my Kingmen Comic Series.  I hope you enjoy the series and thanks for sticking with it!  More coming soon!  Be sure to comment, suggest, ask questions, but NO trolling.  Thanks!

       Your Royal Leader and Loyal Hero


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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #3
2 days - 11,579v
Posted 2012/07/30 - 5:04 GMT
Dude that's epic! Lol I wish that was actually what mars was like, right?
I love this story, can't wait for the next installment!
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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #3
7 hours - 536v
Posted 2012/07/30 - 18:20 GMT
Since your story is so real you're probably gonna add me when we first meet and argue right?Hmmm..........
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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #3
1 day - 4,868v
Posted 2012/07/30 - 18:44 GMT
You'll see... Mwahahahahahahaha....

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