Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #4
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A Kingmen Comic Series
Submitted By Batman29 on 12/07/30
THE KINGMEN, Batman29, Zakusky 

                    Tales of the Kingmen Episode #4: Friend or Foe?

     Our technology was rapidly growing, as well as our numbers.  There came a time when scientists decided that the Earth would soon be overpopulated, and they needed somewhere else where people could live.  Searching the Solar System for the most possible solution, it was decided Mars should become a second planet for Earthlings.  Scientists worked rapidly to make Mars livable, and they succeeded.  However, there was a concern that there was life on Mars, and the lifeforms might not be friendly, if there were any.  Only the bravest of people were sent to Mars.  They who were sent, went to the planet to search and make sure it was safe.  The planet has not yet been entirely explored, there are still regions we have not touched, and people seem to find more land every day.  Although many people were sent, and more still come, most people stayed behind on Earth.  Those who came to Mars were given a name, that would distinguish them from Earthling forever.  This story is about those people.  We are the Mars Explorers.
The Story:

     "DESTINY, IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" I screamed into the headset I was wearing, as I sped up continually, falling down a giant cliff.
     Suddenly, I felt the strange tingling sensation, and had to close my eyes as I was once again bombarded with colors.  When I reopened them, I was sitting in my buggy, safe and sound inside of my garage.  I gasped for air, and wiped my forehead with my sweaty hands.
     "Wow... I think that's the scariest thing that has ever happened in my life.  I could have died," I said to myself.
     Destiny's voice spoke from my radio.  "Actually, Batman29, you couldn't have.  All vehicles are made to be indestructible, and the buggies are particularly formidable.  There is zero chance of you dying in any wreck.  You could crash your plane going 1000 mph, and you'll be fine, although you might have a bit of whiplash.  Anyways, you would have been fine, but I pulled you out to tell you that.  Buggies can even drive in water and in lava.  You'll soon discover the power you hold, but you will have to explore.  I say you call it a day and head back to your cabin.  Go ahead and step out of the buggy."
     I sat back in my seat and sighed.  Then I slowly opened the door and stepped out.  As soon as I shut the door, I felt the tingling sensation and shut my eyes.  When I opened them, I was in my TPS.  I tried to opening the door, and it was unlocked.  Destiny was waiting just outside.
     "Hey, congratulations!  You just explored a little bit of a land region!" Destiny said cheerfully.
     "Yeah..." I said, rolling my eyes a little.  She made it sound like it wasn't a big deal.  That was the most adventurous thing I had ever done.
     The two of us walked back to the elevator, and rode back down to the ground floor.  I said goodbye, and then walked back to my cabin.  On my walk home, I kept on thinking that something was darting between shadows, following me, but I never saw anything.  By the time I got back, I just passed out on my bed, and slept like a rock through the entire night.
*The Next Day*

     I groggily opened my eyes, and yawned.  The sun was rising, and I knew it was going to be a good day.  I looked at my clock.  It was 7:30, the time when all explorers should be about to head out into a land region.  I quickly got ready, and headed over to the Mars Site, as I was told the building was called.  On my way there, I once again thought I saw something darting through the shadows, following me, but I never saw anything on my second glance.  When I entered the giant building, Destiny was waiting for me.  Actually, there were 50 people who looked exactly alike sitting at the receptionists desk.  All had past-shoulder length blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes, and the same outfit.  I walked up to the desk.
     "Um... Destiny?" I asked timidly.
     All of them answered me.  "Yes?"
     "Um... I'm ready to explore new land," I said kind of bashfully.
     "Right away," One of them said.
     The one who spoke walked with me to the elevator.  "Sorry, I have special powers that allows there to be more than one of me, Destiny.  You'll learn more about that as you go along, I'm sure.  I am the Destiny assigned to you, if that's what you want to know."
     The two of us got into the elevator, along with another teenager with a Destiny too.  As we were riding up, the teenager whispered to me, "Aw, no fair.  Your Destiny is so much hotter than mine!"
     They are exactly the same! I thought to myself, Don't know what he's talking about.
     The teenager got off somewhere in the 70-80 floors, while I rode up to the 100th.
     "So, where are you going to explore today?" Destiny asked.
     "I have no idea," I said truthfully.  All of a sudden, I felt a little whisper in my ear. Go to Martian Freestyle.  You will learn there.  I listened to the voice.  "Actually, I want to go to the Martian Freestyle region.  Can you send me there?"
     "Of course," she said, as I stepped into my TPS.  I felt the familiar tingling, and suddenly, when I opened my eyes, me and my buggy were under a giant blue orb.  Now this was more like the Mars I was thinking of!  This place was red, and had lava and everything.  I was in a giant crater at the moment.  I got into my buggy happily, ready to explore.
     "I'm gonna call you The Batmobile," I said, patting my buggy's dashboard.  I started the car, shifted, and drove off, not actually sure what I was doing.  It took about a minute, and then I realized that I wasn't wearing my headset.  I quickly put it on, and was immediatly bombarded by a bunch of static.
     "Ouch!" I yelped, quickly pulling the headset out.  "What the heck!"
     I carefully put my headset back on.  The static had stopped, replaced instead by some hysterical laughter.
     "Oh ho ho... You really think ha ha... You can make it here at Mars?" laughed a voice.
     *Indentification... Voice belongs to... Loki42* said a robotic voice in my headset.
     "Ok..." I said to myself.
     Suddenly a neon green buggy jumped over a giant hill, coming towards me.  Destiny's voice came crackling over my buggy's radio.
     "----Batman----Technical difficulties!----Activate headset eyepiece!---Working--get---you---t---!!"  Her voice was replaced by static.
     "Destiny!  What's going on!" I cried, but there was nothing but static.  Activate headset eyepiece?  How was I going to do that? "Um... Eyepeice Activate!"
     Suddenly, an eyepiece, what seemed like a sunglasses lense slid over my right eye.  It bleeped, and then I could see crosshairs wherever I looked through that one eye.  I looked at the approaching neon green buggy.  A tag suddenly appeared under it, and it said (Loki42)+.  I looked at him for a second, trying to decide if I should run away or stand my ground.  I decided to stay put.  It seemed to be a mistake though, because without warning, Loki42 shot a green lazer at me.  I didn't have time to move, only to sit in shock as my car flipped to the side.
    "You see, Batman29, I am well trained, so you will not be defeating me! Mwhahahahaha!" laughed Loki42.
     I gritted my teeth.  I didn't know who this guy was, but I was going to teach him to not mess with me.  I shifted and gunned the engine, speeding towards my new enemy, or so it seemed.  Then I noticed something that I hadn't before.  On the stick of my stickshift, was something that felt a lot like a trigger.  I tried pulling it, and what do you know, green lazers shot out!  One of them happened to hit Loki42 as I went zooming by.  My buggy turned neon green, and I felt great power surging through my veins.
     "What?!?" cried out Loki42.
     I laughed out loud.  "Haha sucker, see you later!"
     Suddenly, I was hit by a bombardment lazers shot by Loki42.    His lazers flipped me and I rolled to a stop at the base of a hill.  Loki42 was now neon green.  I growled a little bit, as I started to drive once again.
                         *End Episode Transmission*

     Hello Everybody!!! Here is the fourth installment in my series.  I hope you enjoyed it! And Loki, I hope you don't mind me using you like that!  Stay tuned for more episodes later.  Be sure to comment, suggest, ask questions, but no trolling!  Bye!
     Your Royal Leader and Loyal Hero,

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Re: Zakusky: Tales of the Kingmen #4
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Posted 2012/08/15 - 4:10 GMT
I don't mind. It's a good role play. Well done sir :) So, I would like you guys to know though, I'm not actually like that :D

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